Utah Startup Legal Counsel

Utah Startup Legal Counsel seeks to provide all the services that in-house counsel could provide. Here's just a sample of what we can do for you.

Business LAw

Utah Startup Legal Counsel provides legal services to help you run your business. From putting together the first roadmap, through formation, and hiring your first employees, Utah Startup Legal Counsel provides you with the information you need.

Business Strategy
Business Formation

Intellectual Property

One of the most important assets that any new business has it's ideas. The success or failure of your business will hinge on how well you're able to capitalize on your ideas; protecting them is essential your future. Utah Startup Legal Counsel will work with you to determine what to protect through trademarks, copyrights, confidentiality agreements, and even coordinate directly with your patent prosecutors and litigators.

Patent Coordination
Confidentiality Agreements


Making sure your business agreements are clear, and enforceable is essential to any business. Utah Startup Legal Counsel will help you make sure that you understand your contracts, and that your contracts meet your needs. From rental agreements, employment contracts, contractor agreements, and more, Utah Startup Legal Counsel will review and draft your contracts.

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