Utah Startup Legal Counsel

Utah Startup Legal Counsel was started in 2015 to be a different type of law firm with a focus on building partnerships with it's clients, and being vested in their success. Our success is only through your success.

Traditional law firms with billable hours can cost hundreds of dollars for a single question, and documents can run hundreds more, if not thousands. In-house counsel starts at $90k a year, not including benefits. As a result, startups often fail to ask the important questions for a lack of funds.

Utah Startup Legal Counsel offers a number of innovative billing arrangements to help address this problem.  First, Utah Startup Legal Counsel operates off a flat-fee basis. You will know exactly how much a document or contract will cost you prior to work beginning. Secondly, we offer subscription models that allow you to get legal opinions for most of your questions without any additional cost, as well as giving you a discount on other legal services and free consultation time. Finally, Utah Startup Legal Counsel offers arrangements for equity, to reduce the up-front expense and allowing you to pay with your must abundant resource, your potential.

  • Staff photo for David Kerr

    David’s passion and commitment to the startup community started in 2004 while he was finishing his engineering degree at Brigham Young University. He took his first job in the technology industry when he took his first job software engineering job. Since then, he’s worked as an engineer, analyst, coordinator, project manager, and consultant. During this time, he observed and worked with various startups.

    After he finished law-school, David saw that the legal industry failed, and even hindered the startup community. David started Utah Startup Legal Counsel to innovate new ways to meet the legal needs of startups.

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